Trusted Local Movers Serving Los Angeles, CA

Relocating to a new home or workplace has never been easier than with help from Pronto Moving and Delivery. Our local movers in Los Angeles, CA, offer a variety of essential services, including artwork hanging, gym equipment moving, and piano relocation. We can even pack and store any items you’re not ready to take with you, yet - just ask about private temporary storage.

Reach out today to start planning your move with our team. We’ve served local families and businesses since 1998, and whether you’re moving just down the road or to a nearby city, we’ll approach your relocation with same high standards and attention to detail.

Protecting What Matters

At Pronto Moving and Delivery, we offer what we like to call “White Glove Service,” a term that describes our expert approach to packing. Our furniture movers don’t just move; they strategically pack, transport, and unload your items according to their needs, as well as yours. Our process reflects our goal of making your transition as smooth and simple as possible.

White gloves and booties are just one aspect of our signature White Glove Service. We’ve tailored our furniture pickup and delivery services to provide maximum protection for all of your belongings. Our professional movers carefully evaluate the needs of each piece.

Proper packing and supplies are used to prevent upholstered items from sweating or developing creases and to protect the finish of fine lacquered items. In some situations, we may use acid-free packing paper to keep surfaces in pristine condition. We provide custom crating for pieces that require extra protection, such as large artwork, sculptures, chandeliers, and antiques. Be sure to ask about our approach to piano moving, an uncommon service we’re proud to offer.

Specialty Moving Services

Moving is a delicate job, and there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to do it. Experienced furniture movers like ours know how to navigate stairs, avoid scratching floors, keep pieces from getting damaged, and load up our trucks efficiently. It takes intense training to learn how to accomplish these objectives, and our business has that in abundance.

From pianos to pool tables and all manner of fitness machines, we’ve packed it all and moved it all. Let us take on what undoubtedly seems like an overwhelming task and see how much easier moving can be.

Contact our local movers today to discuss the details of your upcoming relocation. We proudly serve residents of Los Angeles, California, as well as those in Orange County, San Diego, Ventura, and Palm Springs.